Jess Barnett.

Copy Editor and Proofreader

I provide my clients with clean, accurate text that is pleasing to read and makes sense. Having served in various fields as a copy editor for 17 years, I pride myself on quick turnaround and clear communication through the job’s completion. I am also skilled at rewriting text written by ESL students.

I provide the following levels of editing and services:


This is the most in-depth type of editing, involving reading for punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors as well as meaning and rewriting when necessary. I also check for cross-references within the text and verify that the references in a reference list are correctly formatted. I am proficient in the following styles: Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), AP, APA, and AMA.


This type of editing is less in-depth but just as important. I mainly read for punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors.

Line editing

This involves reading one text against another, word by word and line by line, for accuracy.

Microsoft Word formatting

I have 17 years of experience with Word and consider myself an expert.


This involves verifying facts in a text by checking the text against sources provided by the author.


I have several years of experience working with EndNote and would be able to insert and format references using EndNote (as long as credentials for license usage is provided; I don’t currently have a license).

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